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With the separate collection of plastic waste and by reusing the sorted materials, a substantial contribution for the environment is realized. In this way, plastics are not just thrown away, but can be recycled and used multiple times.

Plastic has a number of specific features, and to be able to recycle as efficient as possible, it has to be separately collected as much as possible. It may not weigh much, but unseparated plastic can occupy a lot of space, which results in higher waste costs. Especially companies use a lot of film, but on the other side, private customers have lots of plastic waste (PP, PE, ABS, PS).

More grip on your waste costs

By separating plastic from residual waste, you can save considerably on your waste costs, as your containers will become full less soon. This is better for the environment as well. Van Gerrevink gives companies advise about which sorts of plastics should be collected together and which should be separated. To make sure you can do this properly, we offer different storage items, such as knapsack holders, roll containers and compact bale presses.

Proper advice

We gladly advise you about the right methods of collecting your plastic waste. For plastics and different kinds of foils, we rent special knapsack holders for sacks of 400 litres, which are very flexible to use and can be placed on various locations in your company. Besides that, we can place an 1100 litres capacity roll container as well. It is also possible to press bigger amounts of foil into bales.

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