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Van Gerrevink processes all sorts of waste paper to bales, which subsequently are transported to paper factories in The Netherlands or abroad. We collect this paper at companies or organizations, but private customers can deliver their waste paper to us as well. We have various storage items, such as wheeled and press containers. These can also be placed at your company.

Waste paper serves a resource for ‘new’ paper and is mainly used for the manufacture of corrugated board and different types of paper, like newsprints, recycled- and hygienic paper. Before the collected paper is processed, any possible dirt is removed, after which it is sorted by quality and then gets pressed into bales.

Recycling, for a better environment

Van Gerrevink is FNOI and Nedvang certified, by which we meet the highest quality standards for waste-processing firms. As a certified member, we can guarantee optimal recycling services for waste paper and cardboard. Furthermore, we comply with the Code of Conduct drawn up by the FNOI.

Adapting to your needs

In order to be able to fully respond to your needs, we offer several roll- and storage containers that vary in capacity. Besides that, we can place press containers at (large-scale) printing businesses or manufacturing companies. Van Gerrevink offers a wide range of storing items that are suitable for the collection of about 70 different types of paper, including newspaper, cardboard, brochures, printing waste, duplex and paper rolls. Your needs are central to our waste processing services and are the starting point for a suitable offer: maximum returns, a complete package of services, guaranteed quality and 100% reliability.

Van Gerrevink takes care of your waste concerns

By separating paper from other waste, you contribute actively to a better environment. We gladly ease this by offering the right storage items and also, if necessary, by taking care of waste destruction.

More information?

Would you like to know what Van Gerrevink could do for you as well? If you have any questions regarding the services we offer, please contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities.

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