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E-scrap includes for instance printed circuit boards (PCBs), hard- and software and mobile phones. All these products can be destroyed by Van Gerrevink, where we work closely with professional material separation companies. For the processing of metals and electronics, we use several processing and separation techniques, adjusted to the specific products.

When just recycling is not enough

When you deliver materials that contain confidential information, we can also destroy these. With data destruction, you are assured of the total destruction of the data on your materials. In order to do this properly, we have a special data shredder.

The recycling and destruction of electronics and hard- and software belong to the quickest growing parts of the branch: of course we posses the required certificates and licences (such as MRF and ISO-9001) for this kind of waste management.

Your contribution to our environment

By cooperating with various specialized companies, we can process all your electronics and hard- and software in the right way. Apart from that we execute the destruction of e-scrap totally on our own account. When you hand in your end-of-life or broken electronics to us, you contribute to the environment: we process these products in line with strict environmental norms, after which they are the source of new products again. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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