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With special shredders we can irreversibly destroy digital data carriers such as hard disk drives, telephones, USB-sticks and CD-ROMs. Only by physically destroying these data you can be 100% sure that all information is definitively removed – which is not the case with formatting or erasing. After these data carriers are destroyed, the leftovers are mixed carefully after which they will be processed further. Van Gerrevink has special and closed wheeled containers or data boxes, which can be placed at your company. Also for data destruction we are equipped with modern reception rooms that comply with all possible safety regulations. At all times, the destruction takes place under camera surveillance, but can, if desired, also take place under personal supervision.

The certainty of destruction

By destroying digital data carriers, you are fully assured that important and confidential information does not unintentionally end up into the wrong hands. Van Gerrevink can offer special lockable minicontainers or data boxes, which can be placed at your company or other wished location. Would you like to know more? Please contact us.

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