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When you wish to be absolutely sure that important, valuable or privacy- and competition sensitive documents will remain fully confidential, Van Gerrevink can destroy them for you. Our closed and secured destruction facilities are totally up to standard and under permanent camera surveillance. Of course, our employees meet all applicable requirements.

We guarantee that your archives will be destroyed within 24 hours. We can offer special archive containers, which can be placed at companies and will be picked up and emptied out by appointment – of course with special trucks. Just as the containers, these are extra secured and well locked up. As evidence of the proper destruction of your documents, you will receive a certificate of destruction.

Van Gerrevink takes care of the destruction of your archives

With special paper containers, which we can place at your company, you are definitely assured that your valuable papers will remain highly confidential. The collected paper will be cut up into pieces by means of high-quality shredders, after which it is mixed together carefully and eventually will be used as raw material for new paper production. Our screened employees work according to clear work instructions (in Dutch), so we can fully guarantee that your documents will be destroyed properly.

Would you like to be assured that your archive materials are being destroyed in the right way, without having the struggle of doing it yourself? Van Gerrevink gladly takes care of the destruction of your archives. Would you like to know more about what is possible when it comes to destruction, or would you be interested to see this process with your own eyes, please contact us for making an appointment. We gladly inform you about the possibilities.

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