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Besides the recycling and destruction of different waste, we also deliver the obtained raw materials to the end-users for further processing. In this way, the destroyed paper will be reused, for example as hygiene paper products or as base material for new bicycles. By doing so, we contribute to a better environment, in close collaboration with our customers. With due regard for all quality- and environmental requirements, we can guarantee buyers 100% pure products; something which is very beneficial to the quality of new products.

Van Gerrevink takes care of your waste concerns

Our services are aimed at giving the customer total peace of mind regarding waste issues: we can take over the whole process of waste collection and processing, at which we take your business and production processes into consideration as much as possible. We carefully sort out all the waste that is coming in, after which it is weighed with calibrated equipment, so that precise weighing takes place at any time. The applicable regulations and our internal processes concerning order, neatness, quality and environment are being followed punctually. Therefore, we can guarantee that we weigh and calculate on the basis of the price per waste type, and not on the base of an average. It is self-evident that we take all environmental regulations into account, which enables us to make a valuable contribution to a better environment. By organizing our operations of waste processing as efficient as possible, Van Gerrevink can achieve a recycling percentage of at least 99%.


Van Gerrevink B.V. concentrates on collecting, sorting out and conveying waste products. The accepted waste will be reused for over 99% as raw material for the recycling industry.

For terms concerning:

  • acceptance of materials
  • purchase and supply of services
  • sale and payment

you can download our general terms and conditions (in Dutch).

By working with these regulations, we attempt to prevent to a large extent that any materials, which Van Gerrevink is not allowed to process, are accepted in our waste operations. For further information regarding the acceptance of waste products, please contact Van Gerrevink’s quality manager by e-mail: If you would like to know more about our working procedures, feel free to contact us. Furthermore, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to check our business yourself.

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