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As a result of continuous investments in technology and environmental management, we have grown into one of the most modern recycling businesses in The Netherlands. It goes without saying that we possess all possible branch-specific certifications, including ISO-9001. In this way, we can guarantee our customers a 100% reliable method of working. In the following overview, you can find the links and descriptions of the certificates we possess, including a scan in PDF format.


Van Gerrevink operates according to the ISO-9001:2008 norm and the environmental regulations set by the authorities. With the possession of an ISO certification (issued by Kiwa), we demonstrate that our business meets all the requirements regarding quality management.



Our environmental management system is structured and certified in accordance with the international ISO-14001 standard. With this certificate, Van Gerrevink B.V demonstrates that it meets all possible regulations and properly manages environmental risks. We strive for the continuous improvement of our environmental performances and the prevention of pollution. With environmental risk assessment and by structurally monitoring emissions, waste flows, used resources and energy, we pursue an active, comprehensive environmental policy.



On the 15th of July, 2015, a legislation with specific requirements for the processing of waste from electrical and electronic equipment came into force. The WEEELABEX standard, which stands for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Label of Excellence, is a European certification that sets standards and monitors the processing of e-waste. A WEEELABEX-certified company must precisely register what it does with the materials. In 2016 van Gerrevink received the WEEELabEx certificate.



With the OPK certificate, the FNOI safeguards that recycling firms deal responsibly with environmental issues, working conditions and safety. With this certificate, we show that the operations of our business are in order and satisfy the OPK requirements.



The Metaal Recycling Federatie (Metal Recycling Federation) aims at stimulating environment-friendly and economically responsible recycling of all used metals in The Netherlands. Van Gerrevink possesses this certificate. The MRF quality mark is a practical and branch-specific quality assurance system exclusively developed for MRF members. The care for safety, working conditions and environment are expressly safeguarded in this regulation.



Van Gerrevink operates according to the technical and safety regulations prescribed by (freely translated) the Certification Scheme Archives and Data Destruction. In this way, we can guarantee that confidential materials delivered by our customers are in safe hands until they are destructed. The CA+ certificate safeguards an efficient and flawless destruction process. Van Gerrevink obtained this certificate after a successful audit, in which we demonstrated that the whole process, from collection and transport to the destruction of the confidential material, is up to CA+ standard.



The NIWO’s main objective is to ensure that the market of internal and cross-border road transport and haulage performs properly. The NIWO certificate is the license for businesses in the transport sector. Companies are not permitted to transport, collect and trade industrial or dangerous waste without being registered on the VHIB-list. By means of the possession of a NIWO certificate and registration on the VHIB-list, Van Gerrevink proves to comply with all the requirements in question.



Nedvang stands for: Nederland Van Afval Naar Grondstof (The Netherlands From Waste To Resource). As a Nedvang certified company, Van Gerrevink gives new life to packaging waste and therefore contributes to a more sustainable future. Nedvang stimulates the collection and recycling of packages in The Netherlands and encourages waste prevention. With this certificate, we are held legally accountable for the reuse of the packages of our products.



All our drivers have completed VCA certification. With this personal certificate they can demonstrate they have followed VCA training and know how to work safely. VGM (in Dutch) stands for safety (Veiligheid), health (Gezondheid) and environment (Milieu). This certification ensures that our workers meet the standard requirements on critical points for safety, health and environmentally-friendly working practices.

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